You can start your journey toward internal cleansing and weight loss with these recipes and ideas.

If you want to lose weight, try detox beverages. Herbs, fruits, and antioxidant-rich vegetables are used to make detox drinks for weight loss, which help to eliminate toxins, cleanse the gut, and increase metabolism. In turn, these promote weight loss. Uncertain of how to prepare detox drinks at home? Check out the recipes for 10 simple DIY detox drinks for cleansing and losing weight!

1-Green Tea And Lemon

what you require :
– Water
– 1 bag of green tea

– 1/4 lemon

How to Get Ready :
– Place a green tea bag in a cup of boiling water.
– Lemon juice should be added.
– Consume it while it’s still warm.


Green tea contains a lot of catechins, which are dietary polyphenols with anti-obesity properties.
Lemons include vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports digestion and is believed to help people lose weight. Lemons are also known to have diuretic characteristics, which aid in the body’s detoxification and may perhaps aid in fat burning.

2. Honey, Lemon, And Ginger

what you require
1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon of honey
ginger root, half an inch
1 warm glass of water

How to Get Ready
Heat some water in a glass. Never boil it.
The ginger root should be crushed using a mortar and pestle.
Warm water is mixed with honey, ginger that has been crushed, and lemon juice.
It should be consumed while still warm.


Drinking this concoction first thing in the morning will help cleanse the body. You may also feel less bloated and more energetic during the day. This drink also helps to increase your body’s metabolism. Honey may also help curb appetite and aid with weight reduction.

A rat research done by San Diego State University suggests that honey may help to prevent weight gain and obesity.

3-Lemon And Cucumber Detox Water

What You’ll Require
1 lemon
1 cucumber 1 mint leaf
Water with a pinch of salt

How to Get Ready

Slice the cucumber and cut the lemon into wedges. Put the pieces in the jar.
Mix in some mint leaves and a pinch of salt.
Fill the jar halfway with water.
This water should be consumed throughout the day.


Cucumber is a low-calorie meal with a high water content (95.2% water). According to studies, a low energy density (low calorie) diet is an excellent way to promote weight reduction and body weight management. It is one of the most popular DIY cleaning beverages for increasing energy and metabolism.

4-Pineapple Lemonade

What You’ll Require
1 cup sliced pineapple 1 lemon juice
1 tbsp maple syrup
cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon
a grain of salt

How to Get Ready
Blend the chopped pineapple in a blender until smooth.
Fill a glass halfway with juice.
Combine the lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and salt in a mixing bowl. Stir thoroughly.

Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple juice. Bromelain aids in the metabolization of protein, which may aid in the removal of extra belly fat. Pineapple is high in fiber as well.

5-Orange And Carrot Juice

What You’ll Require
one orange
1 carrot, 1 tbsp honey
Water Ice Coriander Leaves

How to Get Ready
Peel the orange and slice the carrot. Chop them and place them in the food processor.
Mix in a spoonful of honey and some coriander leaves.
Add a splash of water. Give it a try.
Before sipping, add ice.


Carrots are high in beta-carotene and fiber. Fiber-rich foods promote satiety (a feeling of fullness) and reduce subsequent hunger. This can help reduce appetite, resulting in weight loss.
Vitamin C is abundant in oranges. Adequate vitamin C levels promote the burning of more fat mass. Vitamin C is inversely related to body mass. Orange juice is low in calories and fat, making it an excellent choice for dieters. Oranges are also high in fiber.

6- Beetroot And Mint Juice

What You’ll Require
a few of mint leaves
a grain of salt

How to Prepare
Toss the beetroot cubes into the blender.
Add a few mint leaves and a pinch of salt to taste. Try it out.
Drink while it’s still fresh.

Beets are high in fiber and low in calories. Including fiber in your diet can help you control your appetite and lose weight. It is an excellent liver cleanser. If you want to lose weight, make sure to drink the unstrained juice.

7- Strawberry And Cinnamon Detox Water

What You’ll Require
7 to 8 strawberries
Mint leaves 1 cinnamon stick
1 liter of water

How to Get Ready
Slice the strawberries in half and place them in a jar.
Add some mint leaves and a cinnamon stick to the mix.
Fill the jar halfway with water.
Place it in the refrigerator overnight. To revitalize your body, drink it cold.

Strawberry consumption may aid in the creation of the hormones adiponectin and leptin, according to research. Both of these hormones have the ability to assist burn fat, enhance metabolism, and aid in weight reduction.

Strawberries contain bioactive polyphenol ellagic acid (14). According to research, ellagic acid may help control obesity and its comorbidities. More human clinical research, however, are required to demonstrate this impact.

8-Fruits And Carrot Juice

What You’ll Require
one carrot
Fruit (blueberries, prunes, apples/pears, strawberries, grapes, and/or grapefruit) of your choice
pepper, black
a grain of salt

How to Get Ready
In a food processor, combine the carrots and fruits.
Season with salt and black pepper to taste.
Turn it around.

Carrots, blueberries, prunes, apples/pears, strawberries, raisins/grapes, and grapefruit are all high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Because of their high fiber content (both soluble and insoluble), low glycemic load, physiologically active polyphenols, and natural sugars, these fruits and vegetables assist in weight management and prevent weight gain.

9-Buttermilk Detox Drink

What You’ll Require
curd (buttermilk/plain)
Leaves of mint
Coriander seeds
a half carrot
1/2 tsp cumin seed powder
a grain of salt

How to Get Ready
Fill a jar halfway with buttermilk. To produce your own homemade buttermilk, combine two tablespoons plain curd, a teaspoon of salt, and water.
Mint and coriander leaves, roughly chopped
Half a carrot, thinly sliced
Incorporate the carrots and herbs into the buttermilk.
Stir in a sprinkle of salt and some toasted cumin seed powder.

Curd (or yogurt) contains probiotics, which help to strengthen the digestive system. Its nutritional composition and lactic acid bacteria may benefit gut health, appetite control, and weight loss. However, the role of yogurt in weight loss is debatable.

10-Tomato, Leek, and Cucumber Juice

What You’ll Require
1 pound leeks
1 cup cucumber
Leaves of mint

How to Get Ready
Toss the tomato, cucumber, and leek into the food processor.
Add a couple mint leaves and toss it around.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which may help with weight loss. A study done by China Medical University discovered that tomato juice successfully lowered waist circumference and BMI in 30 young girls

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