Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About 25 Best Weight Loss Tips
Since a year and a half ago, I have consistently sought to lose weight. I have experimented with a wide variety of strategies over the years before settling on a list that actually works. I thought it would be helpful to share this list with all of you since weight loss is a very common goal.

1-Make a clear end goal

Set a specific goal for yourself. What weight loss goals do you have? How many pounds do you weigh in total? What will you appear like then? What are you going to measure? You need goals that are razor-sharp, crisp, and crystal clear to move forward. You will get ambiguous results if your goals are vague.

2-Track your calories

Only by keeping track of your calories will you be able to determine if you are eating inside or outside of your allotment. It may be tracked using an excel sheet or a notepad. It will be difficult to know how many calories you are consuming if you don’t track them. For the greatest outcomes, you should be as exact as you can.

I monitored my calorie consumption the whole previous year. I also shed 13 pounds within that year, which was a significant amount! With the help of my monitoring, I was able to determine when it was appropriate for me to eat more and when I needed to stop for the day. I did go over my quota on a few occasions.

I made up for it by exercising the following day or eating less the following day.
You are not required to track constantly, however, if you find it to be a hassle. Keep a mental count each day as you eat to get the hang of it by doing it for a few days. I used to track my calories religiously, but after doing it for a while, I now have a good understanding of what foods are high and low in calories. As a result, I no longer need to do that. Here, it’s important to pay attention to how much food you’re eating and make sure that it’s within or below your calorie output.


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